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UK VAT Registration Requirement

Updated time: Jul 6, 2018 , 16:33 (UTC+08:00)
We can help you to register for the VAT for your UK company and can assist with the preparation and submission of your returns. To do it, you have to feedback to us on some information as below: 
  1. Have the Director/s been a sole proprietor, partner or a director in any other business in U.K during the last 3 years?
    If yes then provide company name and VAT registration number.
  2. From which date you wish to register your company for VAT with HMRC .
  3. Briefly describe the nature of the company's business (at least 1 line with specifications if any)
  4. Expected turnover for the first year (£)
  5. Director's Residential address and Tax Identification Number from own country
  6. Non UK residents must provide one piece of primary evidence which consists of a copy of government issued photo identification which can include: passport /photo drivers licence / national identity card from own country. You must also provide two additional pieces of evidence which can be copies of:
    • a mortgage statement
    • a lease/rental agreement
    • a birth certificate
    • a marriage or civil partnership certificate
    • a decree absolute or decree of dissolution certificate
    • an official document from an employer that contains your name, date of birth and Tax Identification Number
  7. Don't send bank or credit card statements.
  8. Do you wish to register your business Under VAT FRS scheme.
  9. Business phone number
  10. Please provide us complete Principal Place of Business address for your company (Place of Operations)
  11. Business bank account details (Name of the account holder, account number, sort code)

VAT FRS - Flat Rate Scheme:

  • you pay a fixed rate of VAT to HMRC
  • you keep the difference between what you charge your customers and pay to HMRC
  • you can’t reclaim the VAT on your purchases - except for certain capital assets over £2,000

To join the scheme your VAT turnover must be £150,000 or less (excluding VAT), and you must apply to HMRC.