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Nominee (Shareholder & Director) Fee Schedule

Updated time: Jul 30, 2018 , 16:07 (UTC+08:00)
Services Service fee (USD) Description
Nominee shareholder 399
Nominee director 499
Power of attorney (POA) documents 299  Nominee director’s signature only
Power of attorney with certification by public notary 399  

Certification by notary of detail documents of POA

Declaration of trust (DOT) with certification by public notary 299 Certification by notary of detail documents of DOT
Power of attorney (POA) with apostille documents 399 Certification on documents by General Registry/Court
Courier fee 95 Courier the original document to your residential address with express services (TNT or DHL)


  • Service fee is per annum/per appointment.
  • The service fee does not cover the fee for couriering the original copy of the POA or DOT to your residential address..
  • You can open a bank account for your company with the POA and/or DOT we provided.
  • Certification by pubic Notary or Apostille is required for nominee services in Hong Kong, United Kingdom and Singapore.
  • An apostille is a certification and legalisation of documents by the government, normally the General Registry/Court of the local country.