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Nominee (Shareholder & Director) Benefits

Updated time: Jul 30, 2018 , 16:01 (UTC+08:00)

Nominee information

We will provide you with a copy of the nominee’s passport and proof of their address.

Power of attorney for nominee director (with apostille)

Your company’s rights will be protected under a power of attorney. This will certify that you have full control of the company and the nominee director only represents you. All actions made by the nominee director will be taken under this contract until it ends. Then all rights will revert back to you and the nominee can no longer act on your behalf.

Declaration of trust for nominee shareholder

If you appoint a nominee shareholder, you will need to protect your rights to your shares. Issuing a declaration of trust without any loopholes helps you to confirm your full ownership of your shares while the nominee represents you.

To help you understand, the picture below shows the structure.

Nominee (Shareholder & Director) Benefits