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How to apply for a merchant account?

Updated time: Jul 30, 2018 , 17:29 (UTC+08:00)

Step 1 Registration, receiving information and confirming order

  • Fill out the secure online form to register.
    At this step, you must fill in the correct information. Offshore Company Corp will base their support for you on the information you provide.
    After Offshore Company Corp receive your order, you will receive a confirmation email for your order.
    Update your information if you have made some mistakes.

Step 1 Review your website

Offshore Company Corp will review your website and decide if your website can use our services or not. We will check that:

  • the terms and conditions of the website are clear;
  • your name appears prominently on the website;
  • the refund policy is clearly posted;
  • the privacy statement (privacy policy) is outlined;
  • the product/service offered is clearly described;
  • the payment guidelines are clearly explained;
  • etc.

Step 1 Provide sandbox account, checking features and built-in web merchant account

  • After our review, if your website qualifies, Offshore Company Corp will give you a sandbox merchant account to check the payment functions of this account.
  • When this account is operated, we send you a guideline to integrate your merchant account on your website.

Step 4 Activate service

  • After integration of your merchant account, Offshore Company Corp
  • will provide a tool for you to check daily transactions, and the fees will be paid to you clearly.