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Payment-intermediary licence

Updated time: Jul 31, 2018 , 15:00 (UTC+08:00)

The payment-intermediary licence is of interest to those who wish to operate as an online payment-service provider (PSP). The PSP business model is becoming more of a norm in the present business atmosphere to address the ever-rising need of both online shoppers and online sellers to do business through the internet. Exclusively under a Category 1 Global Business Company, the payment-intermediary licence can be applied and needs to be confirmed by the Financial Services Commission for a GBC 1 to receive such a special licence. One of the licensing conditions is that the company must maintain an unimpaired capital of at least MUR 500,000 or its equivalent.

The GBC 1 can offer merchant online services for accepting electronic payments by a variety of payment methods, including credit-card payments and 

bank-based payments such as direct debits, bank transfers and real-time transfers through eBanking, with a payment-intermediary licence.

Types of licences issued in Mauritius – payment-intermediary licence and payment-service-provider (PSP) licence.

By using our proficiency, we will suggest your bank requirements and which jurisdiction gives this type of licence with flexibility on conditions and very low taxation. Having this licence will increase your credibility as you get the chance to work with leading banks with which we maintain good relations.