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Why Does My Offshore Business Need to File Tax Returns to the HK Government?

Updated time: Mar 3, 2017 , 15:21 (UTC+08:00)

The reason is that if your business has profits derived from HK, even if your company is registered in offshore jurisdictions, your profits are still liable to HK Profits Tax and you need to file the Profits Tax Return compulsorily. However, if your company (whether it is registered in HK or offshore jurisdictions) does not involve a trade, profession or business in HK that has profits arising in or derived from HK, i.e. your company is operating and generating all profits wholly outside HK, it is possible that your company can be claimed as an ‘offshore business’ for tax exemption. To prove your profits are not liable to HK Profits Tax, it is suggested to select righ experienced agent at the initial stage

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