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What are the benefits of a Malta private limited company?

Updated time: Jul 31, 2018 , 17:23 (UTC+08:00)

  • No withholding of tax generally levied on outbound dividends, interest or royalties
  • No tax on capital gains generally levied on a disposal of shares in a Malta company
  • Absence of CFC legislation, thin capitalisation or transfer-pricing rules
  • No exit or entry taxes upon a shift of domicile or residence to or from Malta
  • No wealth or capital taxes
  • Competitive fees for company formation and administration
  • Low capital requirements
  • Strong legal system based on English common law and continental civil law
  • Access to the EU Parent-Subsidiary Directive and EU Interest and Royalty Directive (no withholding taxes are due on dividend, interest and royalty payments made from companies resident in other EU countries to a Malta company)
  • Internet Gaming licences available
  • Excellent Yacht Registry and VAT solutions available

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