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What are the most frequent legal forms?

Updated time: Dec 19, 2017 , 10:08 (UTC+08:00)

The most frequent legal forms are:

  • The Limited Liability Company in Switzerland (GmbH or S.A.R.L.) is usually formed by investors who open small and medium sized companies which cannot be listed on the Swiss stock exchange. This type of company must have shareholders who are mentioned in the company documents and disclosed in the Commercial Register. A minimum share capital of 20,000 CHF is required to form the S.A.R.L.
  • The Corporation (AG or SA) is suitable for all business needs and its simple requirements for the transfer of shares make it a widely used business form. The shareholders have limited liability and may remain anonymous (unlike for the S.A.R.L.). The corporation requires a larger minimum share capital than the limited liability company (minimum 100,000 CHF with at least 20% paid at the time of the incorporation).

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