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What are the minimum requirements for a company management licence?

Updated time: Jul 31, 2018 , 17:40 (UTC+08:00)

The minimum requirements for obtaining a company management licence are:

  • proven company-management experience
  • a minimum paid-up capital of twenty five thousand US dollars ($25,000)
  • physical presence in the British Virgin Islands.

The application fee is two hundred US dollars ($200).

Special note: these requirements are by no means exhaustive.


A consensus has now emerged that, only in circumstances where:

  • the institution concerned is of blue chip international stature and renown, and whose presence in the jurisdiction would be a fillip to the reputation of the BVI as a situs for conducting international business; or
  • the institution concerned will be providing additional services not currently provided within the jurisdiction;

will company management licences be granted to companies other than companies with local ownership and a physical presence in the BVI. In both cases, the company is expected to establish its own physical presence and apply for a general trust licence within two years of the grant of the company management licence. All other institutions will initially have to apply for a general trust licence.

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