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The country is a federal republic and is officially known as the Swiss Confederation. The total area is 41,295 sq km. Switzerland is divided in to 26 Cantons and every Canton and every community has a different taxation system.

Switzerland is a land of incredible variety. Picturesque medieval villages and scenic mountains abound. The numerous lakes and rivers seem to have a special sparkle. Undoubtedly one of the most attractive countries in the world to live in, Switzerland offers individuals not only some of the best living standards in the world, but also provides an unsurpassed infrastructure for companies operating in the greater European area. It is also one of the safest countries in the world. A high degree of political and monetary stability as well the central location of the country are the major factors of the economical appeal of Switzerland whose economy is on of the most productive in the world. The political system of the country is free of bureaucracy. The labour force of the country is highly educated and dynamic. Switzerland is one of the world’s major financial centres

Law and taxation

The business entities in Switzerland are governed by the Civil Code in this country.

Because of its federal structure, Switzerland does not have a uniform taxation system. Taxes may be levied at federal, cantonal and communal levels. The Cantons have preserved many of the rights they held as sovereign political bodies. Nevertheless, the constitution delegates considerable authority to the Federal Government, including the power to conclude treaties and alliances, to levy taxes and to regulate foreign trade. However, each Canton has its own taxation. There are many Cantons with favourable taxation levels and some Cantons with higher unemployment rates or small populations (mountain regions) have particularly low levels of taxation.

Switzerland is a jurisdiction with a distinguished reputation for combining integrity with distinct tax advantages.

It is not an offshore jurisdiction such as the Cayman Islands, or Jersey. It is nonetheless a low-tax jurisdiction, having a series of specialised corporate forms which can be used by international investors and multinational companies to reduce their tax bills to a significant extent.

Corporate Requirement

Switzerland  company is required to have at least one diretor who must be resident in Switzerland, corporate  director is not permitted. The minimun number of shareholder is one. The language of legislation and corporate documentation is Swiss official languages and English in a few Cantons, but foreign language translations can be obtained.

Neither directors nor officers need to be  shareholders. There is no requirement under Swiss law for company secretary o be appointed.

Share permitted include: Registered shares,  preference shares. Benificial onwers need not be disclosed. This type of limited company has a minimum authorised share capital of CHF 100,000, of which all of it has, in practice, to be issued and fully paid up. A capital duty paying from 0.4% to 8% applies (depending on the cantons of domicile). AG/SA/LTD need to file  a account & annual return

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