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Known for centuries as a nation of successful traders, the Dutch are internationally oriented by nature and know instinctively how to anticipate and fulfil the needs of a customer, no matter where he or she is based. The Dutch labor market in general is characterized by a low level of unemployment, a high level of education and good language skills (highest percentage of good command of the English language outside an English speaking country). Furthermore, the Netherlands offer political and legal stability and has a well-developed financial and economic infrastructure with extremely low corruption.

Law & Taxation

Compared with the laws in many other EU countries, Dutch corporate law provides a flexible and liberal corporate framework for the organization of branches and subsidiaries by (non-resident) companies or private inpiduals. There are no special restrictions on foreign owned companies planning to start a business in the Netherlands. Due to the high number of tax treaties double taxation will be prevented when business is done in other countries. The treaties can also offer additional tax benefits.

Corporate Requirements

Normally, an establishment permit is not required to start up a new business in the Netherlands. This may be different for some sectors that are considered more complex. An example is the food sector. If you are planning a new plant in the Netherlands, an environmental permit is required in all cases.

  • The articles of association must be written in Dutch and contain the name, seat and object of the bv. The name must be unique in such a way that it does not cause confusion with other entities/brands.
  • The founders of the bv must sign the articles of association before a civil-law notary in the Netherlands (it is possible to use a power of attorney to avoid unnecessary travel or delays).
  • Every business must be registered with the Trade Register of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. The register holds publicly available information on the business, such as the names of the board members and the articles of association.
  • Before all requirements are fulfilled, the bv ‘under formation’ is allowed to assume obligations. These obligations are for the risk of the person(s) representing the bv under formation. After the formal establishment of the bv, these obligations need to be ratified by the bv, and the representatives are absolved of this liability

Local infrastructure

The Netherlands has an excellent infrastructure of ports, airports, and roadways. It also has a highly developed telecommunications system.

Since the Netherlands is one of the main points of entry for goods imported into Europe, it is very important for the nation to maintain its transport system in order to move products into the interior of the continent.

In order to improve the infrastructure, the government plans to launch a range of new projects over the next decade. A minimum of US$35 billion has already been budgeted to pay for a variety of projects including a high-speed rail link between Amsterdam and Brussels.

There are also plans for a special rail system to connect Rotterdam and areas of Germany. Work is ongoing to improve the existing highway and rail network, and, by 2010, the government expects to spend an additional US$5.5 billion on these projects.

Among these funds are US$2.4 billion to expand highways and US$500 million for improvements of regional roadways. The new work will concentrate on helping ease traffic congestion in the heavily urbanized areas of the west, including Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

One of the main ongoing infrastructure projects in the Netherlands is the effort to prevent flooding. Over half of the country's territory is protected from flooding by an extensive system of dams and dikes.

Our service

Offshore Company Corp can incorporate a company with your choice of name and confirm the availability of names in advance. All companies are provided with a complete company kit, including share certificates, copies of the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws, statutory registers, common seal, company chop and certificate of guarantee of quality. In addition, Offshore Company Corp can assist clients in abtaining certificates of good standing and other certificates of corporate existence, as well as other relevant post incorporation services.

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